Reviews for Japanese Auto Clinic

When I had my Subaru Impreza, I always brought it here. Japanese Auto Clinic is great! As soon as my Honda is out of warranty, I will be back! Highly recommend. They will tell you straight up what service you need and what you don't. I did a lot of research to find JAC and I have never felt ripped off or like their advice was incorrect.

Also, as an FYI, my ten-year-old 100,000+ mile Subaru ran well forever thanks to them. It never broke down and was a dream car. It met its end because of a deer.

Elise W.
Washington, DC

I have been back to Japanese Auto Clinic for loads of different things since my last review- nail in the tire, bent rim, dead battery and of course, oil changes. All of the above of things were fixed quickly and efficiently but here's my latest story.

Today, hopped in my car for work but alas, had a dead battery. I keep Steve, Japanese Auto Clinic's owner, in my cell phone's address book (not even kidding) and he said they could do it that day-- woo hoo! I had to get it towed since no one was around to jump my car and they got to working on it as soon as it was dropped off. It took less than an hour to fix and I was on my way.

While in the waiting room, Steve had to turn away a few customers because they were so slammed with cars to work on. If that doesn't show you that Japanese Auto Clinic is super trustworthy and is THE go-to auto shop, I'm not really sure what will! What the owner recommends, is to come in first thing in the morning to drop off your car, as they generally operate on a first come, first serve basis. It might also help to call ahead to get a forecast of how busy they are that day too.

Japanese Auto Clinic has yet another satisfied customer!

Laura L. Arlington, VA